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Top 10 Reasons you need a website in 2019 - Count Down!

REASON #10 [The “other guys” - aka - “The competition”] - “They” are trying to rank in the top 10 results on the top search engines right now. The tried and true method for doing that involves having a secured and search optimized website. It is impossible to do by any other means without starting with a lot of money or and a lot of notoriety. Even if you cant rank in the top results for your chosen keywords, search engines will show you for combinations of words that you didn't even consider and their near match phrases. Without a site of your own, your competition will surely have a better chance than you do at winning.

REASON #9 [Time] - “You can not loan, borrow, create or save time. You can only use the random amount you have efficiently” - CEO, iRadek Software. Generic Social Networks have been proven to be one of the least effective advertising methods, save for a few corner cases (from tens of millions of cases overall) where there were circumstances that worked to the benefit of the affected advertisers. The average person does NOT succeed with advertising on the large generic social networks. This method has been proven a waste of time wherein no benefit was realized whatsoever in more than 60% of situations according to studies. Click Fraud (fake likes, fake impressions), Ad Bot's and Fake Profiles are rampant.

REASON #8 [Marketing] – Your website is a tool that can give the best possible and most complete pre-sales image of your business to potential new customers due to the fact that it can present anything available through any other advertising medium. Your site is the best way of making those important first marketing impressions, 24 hours a day on people you do not know and have not met.

REASON #7 [Opportunity] – YOU can go global. There are new potential customers that you are not aware of. There are new potential customers that are not aware of you. There are huge numbers of them all over the world. E-commerce means that going global is no longer impossible for the average person.

REASON #6 [Leverage] - The Internet has given the consumer the upper hand. People naturally want the upper hand when negotiating ANYTHING, including where they spend money. The Internet allows instant comparisons for nearly everything that can be purchased. The Internet also allows comparative research on most subjects. People now have choices on a scale previously unimaginable. You can leverage your website to win these comparisons.

REASON #5 [Referrals] - If you have a website, then your customer can give their referral a link, which allows access to knowledge on what you offer and more. Your website can ensure the proper sales messaging is transmitted.

REASON #4 [Logic] - The ROI on an optimized website is orders of magnitude greater than by ANY other means. This is a fact. You can create a FREE WEBSITE here in seconds. There is no faster way to do it and there is no cost.

REASON #3 [Professionalism] - It’s 2019 not 1989. Any behavior that does not immediately result in telling someone your domain name when asked about your website is not the correct response. It is simply unprofessional to not have a website of your very own. Also, if someone else's advertising shows on your website then that is actually worse than not having a site at all.

REASON #2 [Money] - You can guide prospects through a sales funnel and then qualify your leads with the use of interactive forms. You can then select the cream of the crop and increase your income via increased sales. You can do this for free on your own website (one method of many). By the way, if your website doesn't allow multiple custom forms you can switch to, which does.

REASON #1 [Privacy] -Your personal information has never been safe on the popular social networks and that has been proven beyond doubt. To rationalize that this is somehow to your benefit is ridiculous.

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